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Websites become outdated pretty quickly. When we build a new design, you get upgraded for free.

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Search Engine Optimization is part science, part art. We're the the best in the business at SEO.

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Our clients never face the problem of having someone else in their area with the same design.

Doctors Mike and Aimée Hamilton

Highest Level of Service

Very few companies can say they were successful as doctors and that they are experts in online marketing.  We're one of the very few that can.

Our growth over the last 6 years has been controlled, but impressive.  Today we service over 1300 clinics.

You Don't Have to Overpay

We find that most dentists are either paying small fees for very low quality work or they are paying way too much for something that is much less powerful than they realize.

Our growth has come from our extreme honesty with clients.  We are here to educate you on what you really need.  We are not here to see how much you are willing to spend.

"Only a few dentists in your city will have success online.
We will make sure you are one of them."

- Dr. Mike Hamilton, Inception Co-Founder

Top 2019 Dental Websites

If you're looking for the best dental website in 2019 without breaking the budget then you've found the right dental website company.  Our expert team at Inception can deliver a top of the line service at a fraction of our competitors pricing.

Don't be fooled into paying thousands of dollars for a new dental website.  We will put our sites up against anyone for pennies on the dollar.  There's a reason we have hundreds of happy clients.

Tired of all the Sales Pitches?

We understand what it's like to speak to the well trained commission sales men.  We find that we don't need to wow you with fancy overblown sales presentations.

When you call you speak with the owners.  We'll give you the information you need and then you decide, without any pressure, if we are the right provider for you or not.  Nice and Simple.

What Makes a Great Dental Website?

As a dentist you're probably not an expert in dental websites so I'm going to give you the key pieces you need for success.  The first thing you have to know is that it's not about you it's about the patient.  What do they want to see, not what do you want to tell them.

Patients are pretty simple.  They what to know a few simple things:

  • What do you look like and do you look like a dentist I can trust?
  • How many good reviews do you have?
  • How much is all of this going to cost me?
  • What do I have to do to make an appointment?

If you can cover those things on your website quickly and easily then you're in great shape.

All of our designs here at Inception Dental Websites follow the above guidelines.  We put the patient first and our clients are rewarded with far more new patients because of it.

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We want our dental website clients to do as little work as possible.  Our system is designed to cover all the major aspects for you, but there are minor things you can help us with.  John and I are SEO experts.  If we did everything we are capable of doing we would have a fee that is too high for most dental offices. What we have done instead is to design a system that is 99% done by us.  We will educate you on that final 1%.  If you can give us a minor amount of your time we will make sure you dominate the competition.

Our goal when starting Inception was offer top tier services at unbeatable pricing.  We wanted each our clients to receive the services that other dental website companies were over charging for at a fraction of the cost.  We succeeded, and we've been growing ever since.  You'll be surprised at how much we can do at such a low cost.

At Inception Dental Websites we offer all the bells and whisles. Our  dental websites are designed to generate new patients, but we also provide, Expert Level Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Unlimited Customer Service, Google Adwords Pay Per Click, Free Design Upgrades, and the list goes on. We want our clients to be lifetime customers because of the results we deliver.

Our startup process if simple and easy, but it is important to us that we speak to you in person.  Our expert team wants to know your team so that we can deliver the best possible product to you.  Give us a call and you'll experience our zero pressure consultation.  We'll discuss your needs and figure out the best way to accomplish your goals.