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Most dentists are losing money on their dental website.  They are paying money each month with the expectation that a great deal of online marketing is being done for them.  They would be very disappointed if they really knew how little was being done.

The internet can be amazing for a dental practice, but you have to be working with someone that can help you take advantage of it.  Our expert team can help you take things to the next level.

Our team at Inception Dental Websites has a few bedrock rules:

  • We are very transparent with our clients
  • Our clients enjoy exclusive areas
  • No crazy up front setup fees
  • No hidden fees

We understand that you have a lot of dental website companies to choose from.  We also understand what it's like to speak with a commission salesman.  You'll find that you're experience speaking with our expert team will be very different.

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Mike Hamilton
Inception Co-Founder, Dental Marketing Expert

"Dr. Mike Hamilton has helped me tremendously by providing very detailed technical and hands-on marketing strategies. The best part is they are all on his website free of charge. I intend to use the knowledge he has given me to greatly increase business for the small clinic I work for. Thank you Mike!"

- Dr. Joseph Anglim

Client Case Studies

Dr. Kevin Kemp - Columbus, OH

Dr. Richard Nelson - Moline, IL

Dr. Brad Bourne - Littleton, CO