Dental Facebook Pages

Facebook Fan Pages


Dental Facebook pages are something that every dental practice needs to have in place.  The majority of businesses are not utilizing this valuable area, and this article will give you the key steps to put in place.

One of the important reasons to have a dental Facebook business page is because of the SEO or search engine optimization benefit.  Google assumes that a legitimate business is going to have this kind of page up and running.  Google also assumes that a successful business is going to have some activity on their page.  This activity comes in the form of: Likes, Shares, and Comments.

If you are regularly posting to your Facebook business page and you never have any interaction from patients then Facebook assumes that you are not posting things that other people want to see.  Constant posting of general education materials is a great way to get people to ignore you.

What Works on Facebook for Dentists?

If you want interaction on Facebook you have to post what the people want.  That might mean posting things that have nothing to do with dental or that are only slightly related.  The below list will give you an idea of what works on Facebook:

  • Great Recipies
  • Heartwarming Pictures or Statements
  • Funny Pictures
  • Great Testimonials

At Inception Dental Websites we spend a great deal of time educating our clients on the reality of the internet.  We see far too many dental offices wasting money and time on things that simply don't work.  Our team is here to help your office understand what works and how we can help you implement it.  Call for a consultation today.

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