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Blogging on your dental website has long been one of the recommended ways to achieve a top website rank.  While I agree this was true it may not be as effective today.

Adding content to your dental site that is fresh and unique is always a good thing.  In the past this practice would help you distance yourself from your competition.  Today we can see that it is having less and less of an effect, and we believe Google has put another qualifier in place before they give you much credit.

For years people have been posting garbage content online in order to influence their rank.  Today Google has basically said...Go ahead and post all you want, but if no one reads or looks at the content you are posting then we will ignore it.

What to do with your Dental Blog?

If you are going to blog then it's critical that you send traffic to those blog posts.  There are a few ways that this can be done:

  1. You could email your list of clients telling them to go and read your blogs.
  2. You could post a link to your blog on Facebook hoping patients will follow the link back to your dental website.
  3. You could hand our flyers in the office letting patients know that you did a new post and encouraging them to check it out.

The key factor here is that you write something that people are actually wanting to read.  The days of just posting SEO optimized content on your blog for ranking purposes are pretty much over.  Quality is key.  Your patients will like it and Google likes what the people like.

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