Top 58 Dental Marketing Ideas


This list of dental marketing ideas comes from years of building a large practice of my own.  I'm a chiropractor, but I found that the strategies I used to build a huge practice were the same things a dental office could do to explode their practice.

I also found that my profession was much more difficult than marketing dental services. The same programs I used are actually much more fruitful in the dental field.

I hope this information is as helpful for you as it was for me.

#58 - Dental Marketing Idea


You can verify that all your directory listings are accurate using a program call Whitespark. Check out the link below.

Check Out Whitespark

#57 - Dental Marketing Idea

Perfect Titles

Title tags are a critical part of your dental website.  Make sure yours are written properly.

Read More About Marketing

#56 - Dental Marketing Idea

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging to build links to your site is an option, but before you go too far down the path I would read this article.

Read Complete Article

#55 - Dental Marketing Idea

Powerful Pictures

Using your own pictures on your site is always the best, but if you don't have any pictures the site below may be a good place to find some.

Check Out Deposit Photos

#54 - Dental Marketing Idea

Mobile Marketing

Having a responsive mobile design today is pretty much a given if you are working with a reputable online company, but it's a critical piece.

Read About Mobile Marketing

#53 - Dental Marketing Idea

Animoto Office Tour

Animoto is a great way for a dental office to make a cheap high quality video for their website.  Check out the link below to learn more.

Check Out Animoto

#52 - Dental Marketing Idea

Create Office Video

The future of dental websites will include amazing background videos.  It will be worth it to find a high end video team in your area to help with this on your website.

Read More About Marketing

#51 - Dental Marketing Idea

FAQ Page

Having a well done frequently asked questions page is a great idea.  Simply type out the questions that your patients are regularly asking you.  Easy and it can save you time.

Read More About FAQ Pages

#50 - Dental Marketing Idea

Build a Sitemap

A sitemap can help your dental website be understood by Google.  It's a road map for the Google Bots.

Create A Great Sitemap

#49 - Dental Marketing Idea

Ezine Article Posts

This idea is starting to have less impact, but posting articles to sites like Ezine can help to improve your rank.

Check Out Ezine Articles

#48 - Dental Marketing Idea

Learn About Yelp

Yelp reviews can help or hurt your business.  Having a good reputation is critical to your success.

Check Out Yelp

#47 - Dental Marketing Idea

Write An Awesome Ad

Print ads can be very effective if you tell a story.  It's not about the services it's about the story you tell.

Read About Print Ads

46 - Dental Marketing Idea

Sponsor Local Groups

If you sponsor local groups they often need a place to meet.  Let them use a part of your office for their meetings.

Find A Sponsor

#45 - Dental Marketing Idea

Do Blog Comments

Leaving comments on topic related blogs can be a helpful SEO strategy for your website rank.

Learn About Blog Commenting

#44 - Dental Marketing Idea

Four Square Account

Four Square is a strong place to list your business.  It's also a place to grow your reviews.

Start a Four Square Account

#43 - Dental Marketing Idea

Bing Confirmation

Take the time to confirm your business with Bing.  Better yet let us do that for you as a part of our system.

Use Bing Webmaster Tools

#42 - Dental Marketing Idea

Google Confirmation

Make sure your dental office is listed with Google.  Just as with Bing we are happy to help with this.

Confirm Google Business Listing

#41 - Dental Marketing Idea

Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite will allow you to post to multiple social media websites from one interface.  It's worth taking a look at.

Check Out Hootsuite

#40 - Dental Marketing Idea

Create Email List

It's always good to have a large group of people to stay in contact with.  Start building your list.

How-To Create Email List

#39 - Dental Marketing Idea

Specialty Website

It's important for your website to be focused on the topic you are marketing.  We can handle topic specific dental sites.

See Example Sites

#38 - Dental Marketing Idea

Off Site SEO

Building backlinks to your dental site will improve your rank.  You can learn more about this at the link.

Learn More About SEO

#37 - Dental Marketing Idea

On Site SEO

The onsite optimization of your dental site is critical.  Most websites are missing pieces.  This article should help.

Learn About On Page SEO

#36 - Dental Marketing Idea

Instructional Videos

Very few dentists use the power of Youtube.  Give your patients some great information and they will follow you.

Learn About Video Marketing

#35 - Dental Marketing Idea

Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials are great, but most people won't go to your testimonials page.  They will definitely look at your Google reviews on the outside though.

See Our Case Studies

#34 - Dental Marketing Idea

Social Websites

There are a large number of social sites out there to list your dental office on.  Assign a staff member to create accounts for you.  Don't lose the passwords.

Do Social Media Marketing

#33 - Dental Marketing Idea

Write an eBook

An eBook is a great way to showcase yourself as an expert on your website.  Share helpful information and grow your patient base today.

Get Started On An eBook

#32 - Dental Marketing Idea

Write A Book

For some reason we all give authors more credibility.  Writing a book can open doors that few other things can.  If you feel you have substantial knowledge on a helpful topic go for it!

Tips To Get Started With A Book
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#31 - Dental Marketing Idea

Chamber of Commerce

Being a part of the chamber can get your introduced to a lot of important people in your community.  It can also help the rank of your website.

Join The Chamber

#30 - Dental Marketing Idea

Marketing Calendar

Having a marketing calendar can really help you to clarify how much or how little you have going on.  Our marketing calendar was front and center in our office.

Create A Calendar

#29 - Dental Marketing Idea

Weekly Newsletters

If you're going to do a newsletter put a bit of time into it.  Don't send out those canned terrible pages to your precious patients.  Show them you actually care.

Good Article About Newsletters

#28 - Dental Marketing Idea

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools is there to give you more insight into your online presence.  Use it to watch for errors and to see where you can improve.

Use Webmaster Tools

#27 - Dental Marketing Idea

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will show you what your potential patients are looking for.  Watch the pages they visit and craft your website design to match.

Track Your Analytics

#26 - Dental Marketing Idea

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Adwords has been on the rise lately.  Changes in the coloring of the ads is causing more people to click on them.  I'm giving it a thumbs up in your marketing plans.

Try Online Advertising

#25 - Dental Marketing Idea

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising has taken the world by storm.  It can be very effective, but very few companies are doing good work on this.  Buyer beware here.  Probably best to call us for advice.

Target Your Demographic

#24 - Dental Marketing Idea

LinkedIn Marketing

I'm not a huge fan of LinkedIn for dental marketing, but the more places you have listings the better.  I would setup an account here and start connecting.

Check Out LinkedIn

#23 - Dental Marketing Idea

Pinterest Marketing

Again, I would have an account here with some pictures and information about your business.  Not a place to build your business, but important.

Check Out Pinterest

#22 - Dental Marketing Idea

Google+ Marketing

If your Google Business page has errors you're in trouble.  This critical business listing area must be step properly.  Perfect this or call our expert team.

Check Out Google+

#21 - Dental Marketing Idea

YouTube Marketing

You must have a YouTube account, but it's also a great place to post testimonials or useful information for your patients.  Be the leader in your community.

Check Out YouTube

#20 - Dental Marketing Idea

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is important to have setup, but I wouldn't look at it as a benefit for new patients.  Create a listing and keep it active and you will be good to go.

Check Out Twitter

#19 - Dental Marketing Idea

Facebook Marketing

Traditional Facebook posting will generally not produce new patients, but paid Facebook advertising can be a home run.  Learn more about his opportunity.

Check Out Facebook Ads

#18 - Dental Marketing Idea

Dental Blogging

Blogging can be very useful for your dental website, but people have to reading the blogs.  Just posting blogs that sit there unread will have little impact.

Get Started Blogging

#17 - Dental Marketing Idea

Referral Cards

Referral Cards can be a huge boost to a dental clinic, but they must be passed out properly. Most offices wast this opportunity at new patients.

Start A Referral Program

#16 - Dental Marketing Idea

Guerrilla Marketing

Most dental offices don't need to be this aggressive, but it can be very effective.  It depends on how large you want your office to be.

How To Hit The Streets

#15 - Dental Marketing Idea

Health Screenings

I rarely see dental offices at shows or events.  This is a great way to answer questions and meet new patients.  Spend time with the people and grow.

Dental Health Screenings
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#14 - Dental Marketing Idea


Groupon can be a blessing and a curse.  It can certainly generate new patients, but the patients it generates are not always the most ideal.  Caution here.

Check Out Groupon

#13 - Dental Marketing Idea

TV Advertising

If you have a targeted message TV advertising can be great for a dental practice.  Focus on a niche topic for best results.

How To Do TV Ads

#12 - Dental Marketing Idea


In general I don't feel that billboards are a good idea, but if you have thousands of dollars you want to spend they can be impressive.

Is Billboard Marketing For You?

#11 - Dental Marketing Idea

Newspaper Ads

Properly crafted newspaper ads can explode a dental practice.  The problem is almost no one does them properly.  Learn how I harnessed this power.

How To Do Print Ads

#10 - Dental Marketing Idea

Monthly Profession

This is a great way for your dental office to become top of mind with local businesses.  Show them you care and they will be there for you.

Try A Monthly Profession Program

#9 - Dental Marketing Idea

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns can be a great way to speak about a service you offer.  Lots of possible patients have questions you could answer.

Learn Lunch and Learns

#8 - Dental Marketing Idea

Lead Boxes

Lead boxes can be used for so many different things.  They are simple, cheap, and a great way to gather lots of leads.  Learn more today.

Lead Generation Program

#7 - Dental Marketing Idea

Outside Dinner Talks

If you like speaking then doing dinner talks can be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.  Learn how we did them.

External Dinner Talks Program
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#6 - Dental Marketing Idea

Kids Day

If you like pediatrics then a kids day might be the answer.  An event like this could bring hundreds of new patients into your practice.

Learn More Here

#5 - Dental Marketing Idea

Water Massage

Tension is a part of most visits to a dental office. Let your patients relax with the use of water massage.

About Hydro Massage

#4 - Dental Marketing Idea

Business Massage

Businesses are very happy to have massage therapists come in.  Use this to grow your practice.

Business Massage Program


#3 - Dental Marketing Idea

Office Feel

Help reduce patient tension by having a warm cozy environment.  Be the dental office people remark about.

Get Design Inspiration

#2 - Dental Marketing Idea

White Board Topics

While your patients are waiting for you why not give them something to think about.  Educated patients are great patients.

Generate Topic Ideas

#1 - Dental Marketing Idea

Dental Website

Today you need a Conversion Optimized website.  A website designed to get patients to take action.  We can help.

See Example Sites
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