Dental Internet Marketing

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Dental internet marketing is a large topic.  My hope with this article is to hit the high points that you need to understand.  The more you understand about this form of dental marketing the more you can seize its potential.

Is Your Dental Website Ranking Well?

If a potential patient searches for a dentist in your area will they find you?  The higher you rank the better chance you have of generating a new dental patient online.

The majority of offices today rank very poorly.  They are paying for the best dental website, but they are not ranking well enough to ever generate a new patient.

How to Get a Top Dental Website Rank

Most dentists are going to need some outside help to understand SEO or search engine optimization.  Here's a few things that you might want to ask your website provider:

  • Do your websites have a call to action?
  • Tell me about the on-page SEO that you do.
  • Do you do any external SEO?
  • Are your websites mobile responsive?
  • Do you use and Grey or Black Hat techniques?
  • Do you have a long term contract?

Even though you many not understand all of that information you will be able to tell if the person talking to you knows what they are talking about.  A confident website provider will easily breeze through those questions.

Proper SEO done by a professional company should give you the top rank you are looking for.

Dental Social Media Marketing

Dental social media marketing is a tricky subject.  It sounds amazing, but does it live up to the hype.  In most cases I would say that Facebook and the other social platforms are not a great source of new patients, but it depends on how you use them.

Whether or not you generate new patients from social media it is important to have accounts setup.  It's also important to have some activity in the form of likes, shares, and comments on those pages.  The more activity Google sees the more likely you are to rank well.  Google likes to promote businesses that look popular in the community.

If you have not yet started on social media marketing then today is a great day to start.  Assign one of your staff members the job of posting each week.  Don't try to post dental educational information.  Use your account to inspire your followers and make them laugh.  You're not posting to educate the community, you're posting to form a bond with the people that follow your page.

Google Adwords and Paid Facebook Ads

Google Adwords ads are the ads you see at the top of the page when you do a search on Google.  Google will allow you to pay for a top position if you want to make sure you are the first thing people see.  As good as it sounds there can be some problems with this form of marketing:

  • Sometimes your competitors will click on your ads.  They do this in an attempt to waste your money.
  • Some potential patients avoid the ads.  They don't want to choose someone that is paying for a top position.  They want the top ranking maps and organic listings.
  • The cost of doing this kind of marketing can be pretty hefty depending on what terms you are going after.

With that said Google Adwords can be very effective in certain cities.  If you are looking for maximum numbers of new patients it's probably worth taking a look at.

Facebook paid advertising has become the new rage of dental marketing.  You finally have a way to target patients based on demographics in your area.  The issue is that people are not going to Facebook looking for your services.  They are there to have fun and catch up on the latest gossip.  You'll find it can be very difficult to convert them after paying for the click on your ad.

My Final Thoughts

The internet is complicated and easy.  If you spend enough time on it anything can become easy, but do you want to spend hours of time each week learning all the new strategies?

Our team at Inception Dental Websites is here to help you save time.  We will handle all the technical work so that you can spend you time doing what you went to school for.

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