Client Case Studies

Dr. Kevin Kemp - Columbus, OH

Dr. Richard Nelson - Moline, IL

Dr. Brad Bourne - Littleton, CO

"Only a few dental offices in your city will have success online.
We will make sure you are one of them."

- Dr. Mike Hamilton, Inception Co-Founder (Expert Dental Marketer)

Written Testimonials

green quoteSpeaking from one business owner to another, I want to let you know that you guys have been nothing but spectacular to work with. I have had Online Chiro for 15 years, and I decided to go with you and take a huge leap of faith for me (change). Your entire team has been honest, hard working and made me feel as if I am your only client and your top priority. That personal feeling and the way you are ALWAYS there by answering the phone and you all sound like you love what you do and generally care.

This website is my bloodline, and the engine that runs my business, and I am utterly thankful that I found you. Don't lose that small town feel as you grow bigger. You are definitely a great value to , and especially a godsend to my practice. Thank you and I look forward to many years together! - Jim Schramm, D.C.

green quoteI like to give credit where credit is due. Prior to using Inception, I was using another SEO company who, to say the least, ruined my web domain name and Google ranking. When I changed over to Inception, I was concerned that my ranking was dropping and Mike knew the exact reason why. My ranking is now first in the organic search and Google Maps. And it took much less time than I thought.

- Jeff Wallace, D.C.

green quoteI want to thank you for your time today. I’m used to calling in and spending 20 minutes on the phone waiting to talk to someone that can’t help me. What a different experience I’ve had with Inception. I speak to a Doctor that actually does the work on my site, and in 30 minutes today we created an incredible new landing page on my site. There is nothing else like this in the field.

- Nathan Irwin, D.C.