Dental Mobile Responsive Design

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In the last few years almost every dental website company has gone to a mobile responsive design.  It's probably not even worth talking about it in an article, but in case your curious I thought I would explain this important topic.

For years websites struggled on mobile devices.  They were awkward and difficult to look at on a smaller phone or even a tablet.  In the early days companies started building mobile websites.  The mobile website was a very cut down version of your main website.  It typically consisted of a few buttons that people were interested in without all the content of your main website.

Today almost everyone has converted to "Responsive Design".  This means that your full website adjusts itself to any size screen it encounters.  This is much better for any consumer that is wanting to be able to fully see your website.

Our team at Inception Dental Websites has been doing responsive mobile design for over four years.  We feel that our mobile layouts are outstanding, and it's something that is built into every website we produce.

If you have any questions on this topic feel free to call us.