Dental Social Media Marketing

Dental Custom Social Media


Dental social media marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas of dental marketing.  Better than 90% of dental practices are not utilizing this platform or they are using it the wrong way.

Ask yourself this question:  Why do you go to Facebook, Twiter, or YouTube?  Would you want to go to Facebook to learn about dental facts or would you rather catch up on the latest gossip?  I bet most of you would rather catch up on gossip or look at something funny, amazing, or heart warming.  The last thing you want to see is a post on why you need to floss.

Most small business owners are using Facebook and other social media platforms as a place to educate patients.  That simply doesn't work.  You need to instead use the platforms as a place to connect with the community, but how do you do that?

Social Media Connections

You connect with people on social media by becoming a part of the conversation.  You don't need to educate you just need to show them you are there.  You do this by posting heartwarming things like amazing testimonials, or just feel good quotes.  Something that can help to brighten the day of someone else that needs it.

Look at the types of things you are interested in looking at on Facebook and ask yourself how you can do that for your practice.  From time to time you can slip in some educational information, but most of your posts should be geared towards improving the life of the other viewers.  Give more than you take and reap the rewards later.

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