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15 Detailed Dental Marketing Programs

Generate Leads

This one takes some work but if done consistently can be a big winner.

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Print Advertising

Print advertising is a very powerful, but you have to know what you're doing.

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Referral Cards

The referral card program is a must for every office.

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the easiest source of new patients.

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External Dinner Talks

The dinner talks program is tough, but it can produce results.

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Personal Voice Message

I believe this program would be a great way to do patient reactivations.

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Personal Notes

The personal notes program is fast and great for patient reactivation.

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Guerrilla Marketing

If you need a lot of leads this program can work quickly to help you.

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Lunch and Learn

Lunch & learns are the easiest to setup, and produce steady patients.

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Television Advertising

TV advertising can be difficult and expensive, but it can be explode your numbers.

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Billboard Advertising

Billboard are something that can be great for branding, but be careful.

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Email Newsletters

Personalized email newsletters can have a strong impact on patients.

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Monthly Profession

This program is a cheap and easy way to promote yourself.

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Business Massage

The business massage program was our best producing marketing program.

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Radio Show Program

Radio shows can reach a large volume of people, but there are drawbacks.

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